Kitulo Plateau National Park

Kitulo Plateau National Park


Kitulo Plateau National Park is the first national park in Africa which is gazetted for its floral significance. Kitulo is a botanist’s dream with over 350 species of vascular plants including 45 terrestrial orchids. The locals refer to “Bustani ya Mungu” which means “The garden of God” in Swahili.

Kitulo Plateau National Park is located between the rugged peaks of the Kipengere, Poroto, and the Livingstone Mountains at 2,600 meters above sea-level. This well-watered volcanic soil of the plateau supports one of the greatest floral spectacles of the world including some indigenous species of orchids, aloes, lilies, irises, proteas, giant lobelias and daisies among many others.

Kitulo does not host a large number of big animals but some mountainous animals such as reedbucks, zebras and elands can be found roaming across grasslands of the park. However, the sparse wildlife in the park is made up by the mesmerising plants, beautiful birds and colourful butterflies.

Kitulo is a heaven for bird enthusiast with a rich birdlife including the rare Denham's bustard, which only found in Kitulo in Tanzania. Endangered blue swallows, Kipengere, mountain marsh widow, and other mountainous bird species can be sighted in abundance in the park.

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