Gold Safari

4 Day Gold Safari


Situated at the foot of the mountains in the Mahale National Park, on the white sandy beach of Lake Tanganyika ‘.’ the Explore Mahale itinerary offers the ideal location for those who are searching for an exclusive vacation (tracking the famed chimpanzees of Tanzania.)

Composed of 6 open-fronted bandas, facing the crystal clear water of the lake, every room has a wardrobe closet, an attic, relaxation area, and a private bathroom. During the building of this camp, only ecologically sustainable materials were used; the rooms themselves were created with restored wood from the nearby villages; the stairs were made using wood from the old canoes of fishermen, and the roofs were made using palm tree leaves.

All of this allows you to experience a holiday which combines the traditions of this wonderful land with the exclusivity of this remote and charming location, in a landscape inhabited by our closest animal relatives, the chimpanzees. This is a vacation which will remain in your heart forever.

Tanzania Safari Information

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Best time to Go

A safari experience and weather go hand in hand.

Seasons in Tanzania

Seasons in Tanzania

June to October - June heralds the coming of the dry season in Tanzania.

Weather in Tanzania

Weather in Tanzania

The East African country of Tanzania is located just south of the equator.

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What to Take

Tanzania with its breathtaking wildlife, pristine beaches...


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