Tours Pemba Ngezi Forest Reserve


Ngezi Forest Reserve covers an area of 14.4 square kilometres (5.6 sq mi) and is in the north-western tip of Pemba Island one hour tarmac drive from Pemba Karume Airport. It was declared a reserve in 1950 after most of the area had been denuded for cultivation of cloves. It still has high closed forests known as Ngezi forest extending right up to the beach at Vumawimbi. The forest types reported consist of coral bushes and thickets, thick grasses and bushes in the sandy-loam soils and Mtifutifu soils; dominant plant species are: Odyendea zimmermanni (Mjoho), riverine forest of Barringtonia racemosa (Mtomondo), Milicia spp (Mvule), Alexandrian laurel (Mtondoo), Erythropholem spp (Mwavi), Antiarus spp (Mgulele), Chrisalidocarpus pembanus (


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