Tours Kite Surfing


Zanzibar has perfect conditions for beginners and more experienced kiters. Shallow blue waters, sandy bottoms & constant winds make Zanzibar a idyllic place to kite surf. The reef is far out and here for the first part is flat water, perfect for beginners and freestylers. The reef itself gives you amazing waves for the more experienced kite surfer. Not forget to mention at the playful background of the endless blue Indian Ocean you find beautiful white beaches, African villages where the pace of life hasnt seem to change for over fifty years. The people are curious, friendly and welcoming but most of all they teach us what we in the fast western world lost a long time a go Hakuna Matata ( no problem) and Pole Pole ( take it slow) We think Zanzibar is a unique place to combine this extreme sport, with relaxing and discovering the raw beauty of this relatively untouched island. We cannot wait to teach you this fantastic sport and share our knowledge of these waters and surrounding with you!!


Kite Surfing


4 hours


It ranges around $40